Interchange Design

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Interchange Design with 3D Visualization

Many interchanges are undergoing a design shift; from split-phase and head-to-head configurations to high-volume, semi-continuous designs such as diverging diamond interchanges (DDI) and roundabouts. When more freeways are built, traffic interchanges must be used to interconnect them with other roads.

We use our 3D Visualization methods to help our clients see the grade-separated intersections of roads that use structures to separate conflicting streams of traffic. Quickly alternate connections between the roads, ramps or loops and eliminate the need for at-grade intersections on freeways. With our 3D Interchange designed models effortlessly show the improvements of safety, performance and increase capacity to the technical and non-technical audience.

Service Interchanges

• Diamond Interchange

• Diverging Diamond Interchange

• Tight Diamond Interchange

• Single Point Diamond Interchange

• Partial Cloverleafs

• Single-point Urban Interchange

• Hybrid Interchange

System Interchanges

• Cloverleaf Interchange

• Directional Interchange

• Fully Directional (Stack) Interchange

• Cloverstack Interchange

• Roundabout Interchange

• Windmill Interchange

• Hybrid Interchange