What is a 3D Animated Fly-Through?

3D flythroughs add impact to any infrastructure presentation, taking viewers on a journey around a new development before it's built.  If you need a dynamic animation for an event or for your website, our creative team will deliver a professional result that brings your vision to life in 3D virtual reality.  Working from your architectural drawings (if available), we'll ensure that our 3D models accurately reflect your specification to present a reliable and credible impression of the completed development.

3D Animation

Flythroughs, walkthroughs and flyovers - whatever type of architectural animation you need, Classen Graphics has over 10 years experience. We work with companies to achieve great success with planned objectives, infrastructure developers promoting commercial transportation and a whole range of organizations dealing with major construction.


How Do I Get Started? 

Use our contact form to email pdf, kmz, hand sketch or jpg of your design plans. After design plans are reviewed we'll send an estimate and production schedule for your review before proceeding. Important to include with materials or notes lane dimensions and bridge height if any.


How Long Does It Take?  

3-10 weeks. Rush service available for an additional fee.

What is the expected price a short  or long animation clip?

3D animations & flyovers cost between $5,000 - $80,000+ each for a short animation clip. Longer animation clips between $25,000 - $80,000+, depending on level of detail and render time.