Classen Graphics Infrastructure Development, LLC "MBE" Minority Business Certification

Classen Graphics Infrastructure Development, LLC "MBE" Minority Business Certification

Classen Graphics Infrastructure Development takes pride in our various accomplishments, and one of the most exciting being we are an MBE-certified business. The National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC) offers wonder opportunities for minority business owners across the United States, including educational and networking opportunities.

Minority certification plays an important role in the business world, encouraging diversity and strengthening the sense of community between minority groups.  It also helps minority-owned businesses gain visibility, resources, access to large government contracts and major corporations. Many MBEs are also able to pass down these advantages to their clients and customers. So what are the benefits?


Many organizations, including government agencies and large private corporations, aim to award contracts specifically to minority certified businesses. For example, the US Department of Transportation is mandated to spend at least 10% of its budget for certain projects on minority-owned businesses. Well-known brands like IBM, Microsoft, and Marriott also make a point of working with members of the NMSDC. Locally, Miami-Dade County and all surrounding municipalities, Miami International Airport, the School Board and other government agencies all require or strive for minority participation in their procurement processes.  Thus, minority and disadvantaged certified businesses can take advantage of these big opportunities by obtaining their own certifications or partnering up with other small or minority firms that are already certified.

Special training

MBE certification also grants access to a host of training programs, mentorship programs, and educational workshops. CEOs of minority-owned firms can participate in these programs to gain additional leadership tools, marketing strategies, and more. And, from a client’s perspective, you can trust in the extensive skills and knowledge behind many minority certified businesses.

Networking and resources

When MBEs team up with other MBEs, they can form strategic partnerships for success. Extra access to other minority-owned businesses means minority business owners can work together and help each other get ahead. A minority certified business can also have exceptional resources like special databases, access to loans, networking opportunities, and more.

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