General Motors Plant Saturn Parkway Extension

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The proposed State Route 396 Saturn Parkway Extension includes maintaining and extending the roadway to intersect with the realigned State Route 247 (Beechcroft Road) in Maury County. Portions of Beechcroft Road will also be widened to accommodate intersection improvements at Cleburne Road and Town Center Parkway. Additional improvements are planned for the intersection of US 31 (Main Street) and Stephen P. Yokich Parkway. 

The proposed project will improve connectivity, safety, and operations along this corridor and neighboring routes for local and industrial traffic.

Purpose and Need

Saturn Parkway is a four-lane, divided facility that connects Interstate 65 to the General Motors Spring Hill manufacturing plant. It currently ends at the GM Plant, limiting access to truck traffic and employees only. Local traffic must use interchange ramps to exit Saturn Parkway, while industrial traffic must use local routes to access the commercially developed area to the north of the GM Plant, along Beechcroft Road. 

A new route is needed to provide direct connectivity from the existing Saturn Parkway to Beechcroft Road, as well as continued access to the GM Plant. Creating a direct route from Saturn Parkway to Beechcroft Road will reduce travel times for trucks moving through the area and allow other motorists to stay on a public road without diverging from the main traffic movement.

The purpose of this project is to promote economic development by providing reduced travel times for trucks moving among the supplier industries located on Beechcroft Road, the GM Plant, and the interstate system and to improve safety and operations along Beechcroft Road, Main Street, and Stephen P. Yokich Parkway by maintaining traffic flow and reducing truck traffic.


This project initially began as three separate projects. In an effort to expedite project delivery, the proposed improvements have been combined and will be completed under a Design-Build contract. The Design-Build project delivery method combines all or some portions of the design and construction phases of a project - including design, regulatory permit approvals, utility relocation, and construction – into a single contract.

The design for each project is outlined below.

Intersection Improvements at SR 247 (Beechroft Road) and Cleburne Road

widen Beechcroft Road, east of Cleburne Road, from two to three lanes with curb and gutter 

widen Beechcroft Road, west of Cleburne Road, to accommodate eastbound right turn lane onto Cleburne Roadwiden Cleburne Road to accommodate a northbound left turn lane

Widening of SR 247 (Beechcroft Road) with Intersection Improvements

widen Beechcroft Road from two to three lanes with curb and gutter (approximately 2750 feet)

widen Beechcroft Road to accommodate an eastbound right turn lane onto Town Center Parkway

improve intersection of US 31 (Main Street) and Stephen P. Yokich Parkway

SR 396 Saturn Parkway Extension 

extend Saturn Parkway to Beechcroft Road on new alignment (approximately 1.3 miles)

construct new bridge(s) over McCormack Branch

construct new grade-separated railroad crossing 

modify intersection/interchange at GM facility and new connection to SR 247

The overall project will provide a new signalized intersection for trucks at the entrance to the GM Plant and maintain free-flow access to the employee parking area. Beechcroft Road to Saturn Parkway will become a free flow movement and existing Beechcroft Road to the east of the project will tie into the route at a stop-controlled intersection. 

This project will also require the construction of four new structures including a bridge over the CSX railroad, a bridge crossing McCormack Branch to replace a culvert, a bridge crossing McCormack Branch on new alignment, and a bridge over the GM Plant employee parking entrance.

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