Punta Gorda Airport

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Project Description

The Capital Improvement Plan for the Airport is organized into Short-Term (2018 through 2022), Intermediate-Term (2023 through 2027) and Long-Term (2028 through 2037) periods. Projects proposed for each phase are intended to meet existing or projected shortfalls in the capacity of existing facilities or to improve the condition of facilities. Deviations from the levels of demand identified by the study may require certain projects to be moved into earlier or later phases. Changes to project phasing may also result from changes in the priorities of tenants and/or the Authority. The total cost of the plan is approximately 165 million in 2017 dollars. The following paragraphs describe the recommended plan.

Short-Term Projects

Project priorities in the short-term (2018 to 2022) include a focus on the rehabilitation and reconstruction of airfield pavements including the runway extension needed to accomplish subsequent projects, a relocation of the existing general aviation terminal to the north side of the airfield, the construction of new facilities for flight schools, the construction of high priority terminal area improvements such as additional automobile parking, wetland mitigation projects and various hangar projects.

Project Number / Project Name / Estimated Cost

53 Construct New GA Taxiways and Apron $5,666,357

54 Construct New General Aviation Terminal Apron & Taxiway $8,140,078

58 Construct New General Aviation Terminal and Parking  $2,390,244

59 Construct New WMU Flight School Building and Parking $4,952,257

60 Construct Access from Challenger Road to New GA Facilities $613,749

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Project Views

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