SR 836/Dolphin Expressway, Le Jeune Road Interchange

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Project Overview 

This project will increase capacity and improve safety on 4.4 miles of SR 836/Dolphin Expressway from just west of NW 57th Avenue to NW 17th Avenue. Portions of the expressway will be widened to add an additional lane and interchanges will be reconstructed to dramatically improve traffic flow for drivers entering and exiting the expressway. Construction is underway and is scheduled to be completed in summer 2018 at an estimated $149.5 million. The project is funded by toll revenue collected on the five expressways of the MDX system.

Description of Improvements

• On eastbound SR 836, one lane will be added from just after NW 57th Avenue to just after NW 27th

Avenue. An auxiliary lane will also be added from NW 57th Avenue to NW 42nd Avenue/LeJeune Road.

• On westbound SR 836, a lane will be added from just past NW 17th Avenue to just before NW 57th


• The NW 42nd Avenue/LeJeune Road left lane exit and entrance ramps will be relocated to the right to

eliminate weaving which will improve traffic and overall driver safety.

• Every interchange between NW 57th Avenue and NW 27th Avenue will be reconstructed to improve traffic flow and all loop ramps will be removed and replaced with more modern ramp designs.

• The NW 27th Avenue and NW 57th Avenue interchanges will be reconstructed using an innovative traffic solution called a

Diverging Diamond Interchange or DDI. In the DDI, safety and traffic efficiency are significantly improved over more traditional interchange formats as left turns across oncoming traffic are eliminated. Drivers will briefly cross over to the left or “opposite” side of the road in a crisscross or diamond pattern.

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