MDX 836 27th Avenue DDI

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"MDX SR 836 Modernization from NW 57th Avenue to NW 17th Avenue

Description: MDX is making improvements to the most congested segment of SR 836, between NW 57th Avenue and NW 17th Avenue. One lane will be added in each direction to increase capacity and the interchanges will be improved to reduce congestion and backups onto local roads. The intersections at NW 57th Avenue and NW 27th Avenue will be completely reconstructed with an innovative traffic solution called Diverging Diamond Interchange or DDI for short to improve access to the surrounding areas for drivers entering and exiting the expressway. The left lane exits to Miami International Airport at NW 42nd Avenue will be eliminated and replaced with new right lane exits that will improve traffic flow. Lastly, MDX is reinforcing the inside shoulders of the expressway to allow Miami-Dade County express buses to drive on the shoulders when expressway speeds dip below 35 MPH."

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