I-95 at 45th Street DDI PD&E

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The FDOT, District Four is conducting a PD&E Study to identify short-term and long-term needs of I-95 and develop design concepts to address traffic spillback onto I-95, improve interchange operations, reduce congestion, and increase safety at the study interchange. This study will also consider Strategic Intermodal System (SIS) connector improvements needed within the project area and is consistent with plans for the I-95 mainline, including the potential extension of I-95 Express lanes through Palm Beach County. This proposed study will investigate alternatives to improve the overall operating conditions and enhance safety within the interchange. The improvements to the I-95 Interchange at 45th Street will provide additional capacity for vehicles traveling east-west as well as operational improvements north-south through the interchange. Local and network connectivity for the City of West Palm Beach, the Town of Mangonia Park and Palm Beach County will be improved. 

The 45th Street interchange of I-95 is a diamond interchange located in City of West Palm Beach, and in close proximity to the Town of Mangonia Park, and the City of Riviera Beach in North Palm Beach County, Florida. The intersections in the area of influence of the interchange are Village Boulevard and Northpoint Boulevard on the west and Corporate Way and North Congress Avenue on the east. The adjacent interchanges are Blue Heron Boulevard interchange to the north (1.75 miles) and the Palm Beach Lakes Boulevard interchange to the south (2.80 miles). I-95 is a ten-lane divided interstate freeway providing four general purpose lanes and one high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lane in each direction. Auxiliary lanes are provided on both the northbound and southbound directions between 45th Street and Blue Heron Boulevard to the north. Within the study segment, I-95 passes over 45th Street on a bridge that accommodates ten lanes. I-95 is a designated SIS highway corridor. Both I-95 and 45th Street are designated as evacuation routes. 45th Street is a six-lane divided roadway with a raised landscape median within the vicinity of the I-95 interchange. Sidewalks are provided along both sides of 45th Street throughout the study area. Additionally, a bicycle lane is provided in both directions along 45th Street starting at the Harley Davidson entrance (west of I-95) to Corporate Way (east of I-95). There are two dedicated left-turn lanes in each direction to access the I-95 on-ramps and three through lanes in each direction. A single free-flow right-turn lane is provided on both eastbound and westbound along 45th Street to serve the I-95 on-ramps. 

The land use adjacent to the interchange is mainly residential, commercial, institutional and industrial. Commercial and industrial uses are predominant on the west side of I-95, while commercial and healthcare properties are along the east side of I-95. The South Florida Rail Corridor (SFRC)/CSX Railroad passes under I-95 in this area approximately one mile northwest of the 45th Street interchange. The adjacent signalized intersections are: Village Boulevard and Northpoint Boulevard/Metrocentre Boulevard west of the I-95 southbound ramps, and Corporate Way and N. Congress Avenue east of the I-95northbound ramps.

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