SR 60 Plan and Elevation (Courtney Campbell Causeway)

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SR 60 Plan and Elevation (Hillsboro Blvd.) Courtney Campbell Causeway

This design-build project involves building a new bridge on SR 60 (Courtney Campbell Causeway) west of Ben T. Davis Beach in Hillsborough County to create a channel under SR 60 to improve the water circulation and quality in Old Tampa Bay and restore tidal flows to the northeast portion of the Bay. 

Construction of a new low-level 230-foot bridge to replace this section of the causeway. Travel lanes and the pedestrian trail will be carried on this bridge over a newly formed channel connecting the waters north and south of the existing causeway. While Tampa Bay is improving in overall water quality including increased seagrass coverage, Old Tampa Bay north of the causeway has lagged behind other segments in this recovery. 

The intent is for the new bridge to aid in tidal flushing of Old Tampa Bay north of the causeway to promote improved water quality The trail will be kept open at all times for use. However, temporary realignment at various times during construction will be required. Notifications will be posted at least two weeks prior to each alignment change to inform trail users.

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